Leo's Infinite Playlist #2

Hey friends,

We're back at it again with my weekly Spotify playlist of some of my favorite songs and stories behind them. I called named this after one of my favorite movies "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist". I loved how they intertwined music and story, and so that's what I'm hoping to do through this series. Every song has a life of it's own, and I'm excited to share what makes this week's playlist special to me. I hope you enjoy!

1. "All About It" by Rival Summers

This one's one of my songs, and is the second track on my most recent album "Undeniable". I'm getting married next year, and this song is about my fiancee Brittney! Our relationship is really something special, and I wanted to capture the joy and confidence I feel with her in this song. I talked in last week's blog about how there were some songs I really found freedom in writing, and once I started writing this one, I knew I could explore other territories in music I've never touched before. I'm really excited for the future, and for what's next for Rival Summers. Blast this in your cars, friends. This one's a jam. Here's All About It.

2. "Small Victories" by Flint Eastwood

I'm really proud to say I had a part in writing on this one, but all credit goes to my dear friend and mentor Jax Anderson who fronts the Detroit-based powerhouse that is Flint Eastwood. Getting to sit in on the process of creating her EP called "Small Victories" was life changing for me, and I'm so grateful for her friendship. I spent much of 2015 as a part of her band and tour managing, and those were some of my favorite times and one of my greatest seasons of growth in my life. I owe much to Jax, Flint Eastwood, and the entire crew behind Assemble Sound in Detroit. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did being a part of it. Here's Small Victories.

3. "Say No More" by Fickle Friends

I was in San Diego recording Undeniable with my producer Jesse Barrera, and we were talking about music videos. He pulled out his phone and showed me this band he described as "The 1975 with a girl lead singer" and I was hooked on this song for weeks and weeks afterwards. I'm a sucker for anything that sounds youthful and bright, and the combination of '80s synths and syncopated guitars always gets me gushing. Put your headphones in, and bop around in your socks to this track. Here's Say No More.

4. "Hit The Bottom" by Sherwood

I found out about Sherwood in high school on MySpace. Their sound is so nostalgic, think The Beach Boys playing pop rock. They put out an album in 2009 called "QU" and it is still one of my go-to favorite albums to listen to all the way through. There's something special about a band or an artist that creates music that brings you to a different place than where you are. They always transported some place warm and bright. If you're looking for some new albums to dig into, they just released a new album called "Some Things Never Leave You", and it's definitely worth investing some time into. But here's one of my favorites from "QU" called Hit The Bottom.

5. "Waiting For My Time To Come" by Colony House

If you haven't heard of Colony House yet, take a few moments to check out this song and then the rest of their discography. Since finding out about them, they've quickly become one of my all time favorite bands and people I look up to in this industry using their gifts as a platform for hope. Their music is so authentic to who they are, and I appreciate that they're able to convey such thoughtful themes while creating catchy, timeless melodies. If there's one band to watch in 2017, it's them. This song is my current favorite from them, but they're releasing a new record next year so I can't wait to dig into that when it comes out. Here's Waiting For My Time To Come.

6. "Like The World Is Gonna End" by Ben Rector

This is my alarm when I wake up every morning. I chose this song as my alarm to be my first thought of the day. To be kinder, to be gracious, to have an open heart to the people around me. As we move forward from this election season, I hope to always be a voice of positivity and hope. I firmly believe that choosing to love more outwardly and being intentional about that every day will be what changes the landscape of our communities, which will in turn, change the world. We lead by example the kind of society we wish to see. Also, Ben Rector is one of my favorite artists and people. His music is always so thoughtful, and I strive to be the same kind of voice as his. Here's Like The World Is Gonna End.

This is so much fun, and I'm really enjoying sharing more of my life through the songs I share through this playlist. Thanks for swinging by, and stay tuned for more next week!

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